Digital Planning Day, September 26, 2013 
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Digital Planning Day is a one-day, rapid-fire presentation experience designed specifically for media planners, strategists, interactive marketing managers, account managers and everyone else responsible for meeting digital objectives in audience and revenue.  Re-ignited last year, Digital Planning Day serves the need for innovative ideas and strategies during the marketing "planning season". 

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DPD is exclusively for LVIMA members. 

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The list of presentations continues to grow...

All presentations feature surround sound and premium screen visuals.
Attendees will sit back in comfort while learning about new media trends and the capabilities of today's
technology in targeting, user interaction, analytics and more! 
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Times TBA    
    Signal "Signal -  Data Foundations that Drive Customer Experiences"
Presented by: Daniel Bates
    Netmining "Display Necessities You Need Now to Effectively Engage with Consumers: Real-time Targeting, Data & Analytics"
Presented by: Dean Vegliante
    Adroit Digital "Accelerating Your Business With Data-Driven Ad Decisions"
Presented by: Jonathan Mak
    "Cross-screen Multi-format Messaging"
Presented by: Mike Schott
    Adara "How to use purchase patterns, preferences and demographics to create unique, custom campaigns specific to the buyer"
Presented by: Jeff Cohen
    BlurbIQ "Latest Cross-platform Interactive Media Opportunities & Executions Driving Performance Metrics"
Presented by: Scott Reese
    DataXu "Automated systems evaluating millions of impressions, user attributes, context and creative, & engaging the best prospects"
 Presented by: Natalie Eilers
    ChoiceStream "Capabilities and services that make the difference from basic ad trafficking to campaign performance beyond expectation"
Presented by: Bill Guild
Liqwid "Liqwid creates and delivers high-impact ads that dynamically transform any response space on the viewers' screens to viewable advertising inventory"
Presented by: Jim Rowan
    Rocket Fuel "Big Data nets Big Results --
How the Programmatic Landscape is Shifting"
Presented by: Adam Muennich

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